The Otis Wilson Charitable Association’s Tackling Literacy! Program is designed to improve the literacy skills of elementary school students who continue to struggle with developing basic and advanced reading skills needed to excel in school and life and to provide a means to expose youth to safe and creative alternatives to spending their time in order to deter them from engaging in violent activities that remain prevalent in their community. The goals and objectives of this program are as follows:

  • To increase literacy skills in elementary aged participants:
    • Instruct students on the basics of the alphabet via letter recognition and basic sounds.
    • Engage participants in interactive card games that support letter recognition and blending of sounds to create simple words.
    • Encourage increased reading and comprehension skill building via exposure to leveled reading materials and activities.
  • To decrease participants exposure to violence in community:
    • Provide safe environment for participants to gather during peak periods of exposure to violence in community.
    • Teach and model positive ways of addressing negative interactions with others.
    • Increase the participants’ exposure to positive environments and activities around the Chicago land area to expand their awareness of alternative ways to positively engage their time.