The program is held in conjunction with Carl Von Linne Elementary Monday thru Friday after school till 6pm. The curriculum is geared towards boys and girls ages 6 to 15 and accommodates up to 100 participants during the school year and over 200 students in the summer. Each day the students arrive after school and are given a snack and time to complete homework. At 4pm students are broken up into small groups according to age and rotate through the days activities, each rotation last 60 minutes. Five days a weeks every students is required to workout for 60 minutes in the gym. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday students engage in dance and martial arts. Tuesdays and Thursdays students rotate between the gym and cooking classes.

55 Alive After School

The physical fitness component to 55-Alive is a fun-filled, motivating, engaging fitness experience for the children. Activities include warming up, stretching and playing sports. We also use The President’s Fitness Challenge as a tool for showing our student’s improvement throughout the year. We look for changes in body composition, aerobic capacity and muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. The test is administered four times during the year.

Literacy Program

The Otis Wilson Charitable Association’s Tackling Literacy! Program is designed to improve the literacy skills of elementary school students who continue to struggle with developing basic and advanced reading skills needed to excel in school and life and to provide a means to expose youth to safe and creative alternatives to spending their time in order to deter them from engaging in violent activities that remain prevalent in their community. The goals and objectives of this program are as follows:

Dance Class

Dance classes is taught by OWCA instructors- while mostly girls occupy the class, we do have a few boys in the mix! A new routine is learned every eight weeks and then preformed for the group and parents at the gym show. The focus is primarily on Hip Hop and and West African dance moves. Classes are meant to be fun and to get students moving without knowing they’re exercising.

The Gym

The OWCA instructors teach “Gym class”. The day always starts with laps around the gym, followed by warm up exercises and stretches, next is skills and drills for the daily sport, and finally a game is played for the last 30 minutes. Warm up exercises can be anything from push-ups and sit ups, to mountain climbers, burpees, or high knees. Skills and drills are used to teach aspects of the sport and practice what has been learned. Instructors typically stick with one sport for a week

Martial Arts

Karate class is taught by instructors from the Modified Karate Club. Under the leadership of Teacher Arnell Ladringan, the school has provided quality martial arts instruction for 30 years. Students are taught a system of unarmed combat using the hands and feet to deliver and blocks, blows , and kicks. Student will test to advance belts in May.

Cooking Classes

Chef D teaches nutrition lessons twice a month. The lessons focus on the four basic food groups, how to make healthy selections, and why eating healthy is important. Other topics include the importance of brushing after meals and reading labels. The key message is for the participants to learn about the healthful benefits of eating right, and the value of what they put into their bodies. They are also given the opportunity to cook in each class. The recipes are easy to make, with easy to find items and often involve no heat to make them. All the recipes and worksheets are collected in a folder students take home at the end of the year.

Violence Prevention

Life lessons are based around violence prevention, the goal is to get participants actively thinking about their own self-awareness, how they communicate with others, and how they can make a positive change in their community. Life skill lessons focus on leadership and healthy relationships and are held on Tuesdays. We invite guests such as police officers, social workers, and family court judges to present on such topics.