The Otis Wilson Charitable Association, is a non-profit organization, that’s committed to the community it serves, and most importantly, to the children of Chicago. We work to reduce the negative outcomes related to low levels of physical activity, poor nutrition, and illiteracy in the lives of our youth, and increase the positive outcomes that produce lifelong active, healthy

Organizational History

The Otis Wilson Charitable Association has been running the 55Alive Healthy Living Program successfully for almost 20 years. The program has grown with the needs of our participants and our desire to see each student and their families live a healthy lifestyle. Otis Wilson former Chicago Bear and 1985 Super Bowl Champion started 55 Alive. Otis is motivated to put a stop to the epidemic of childhood obesity, the lack of physical fitness and lack of acess to nutritional education. The program centers around 10 core values that Otis learned throughout his professional football career. They are: Confidence, Respect, Honesty, Perseverance, Responsibility, Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Dedication, Loyalty, and Discipline. It’s these 10 core values that will benefit our participants throughout their lives. Certified personal trainers, nutritionist, motivational speakers, and professionals of their fields staff our programs. Over the years we have seen great improvement in the health and self-esteem of our participants as a result of our programs. The Otis Wilson Charitable Association is almost exclusively funded by private donations and corporate sponsorships. In 2010 we received a grant in the amount of $5,000.00 from the Young Leader Fund to support the healthy snack initiative for one year. In 2011 we received a grant of $21,000.00 from the Dept. of Natural Resources-Illinois Youth Recreation Corps to hire youth workers for summer programming. More recently, in 2012-2013 two grants totaling $120,000.00 was awarded from Chicago Area Project and Illinois Violence Prevent Authority in support of 55 Healthy Living Program and our Literacy Program.


The Otis Wilson Charitable Association is a 501c (3) organization dedicated to providing children with the knowledge and skills needed to adopt active lifestyles. We believe quality physical education programs are needed to increase physical competence, self-esteem and overall health. Our organization is committed to providing such physical education programs to ensure the positive and healthy development of our at risk youth.

News and Publications

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